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The Joseon Tongsinsa were goodwill missions sent intermittently, at the request of the resident Japanese authority, by Joseon Dynasty Korea to Japan.
The Korean noun identifies a specific type of diplomatic delegation and its chief envoys.
From the Joseon diplomatic perspective, the formal description of a mission as a tongsinsa signified that relations were largely "normalized," as opposed to missions that were not called tongsinsa.
Diplomatic envoys were sent to the Muromachi shogunate and to Toyotomi Hideyoshi between 1392 and 1590.
Similar missions were dispatched to the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan between 1607 and 1811.
After the 1811 mission, another mission was prepared, but it was delayed four times and ultimately cancelled due to domestic turmoil in Japan that resulted in the establishment of the Meiji Restoration in Japan, after which Japanese relations with Korea took a markedly different tone.

Annual Event

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  • 조선통신사축제

    Joseon Tongsinsa festivalthe 1st weekof May

    A peaceful procesion of Joseon Tongsinsa, stage events, special programs etc

    Joseon Tongsinsa , which led the peaceful cultural exchange between Korea and Japan by periodically traveling from Hanyang (Seoul) to Edo (Tokyo) , is revived. Busan Cultural Foundation holds Joseon Tongsinsa festival from May 1 to 3 at Yongdusan Park and around Gwangbok Road.

  • 쓰시마 이즈하라항 축제

    Izuhara port Festival in Tsushimathe 1st weekof August

    Reenact Joseon Tongsinsa parade at Izuhara port in Tsushima where the envoy visited for the first time. The parade has reenacted since 1980. Joseon Tongsinsa Cultural Association(Now - Busan Cultural Foundation, Cultural Heritage team) has participated in reenacting the parade since 2002.

  • 시모노세키 바칸마츠리

    Bakan Festival in Shimonosekithe 4th weekof August

    Bakan Festival is held the end of summer in Shimonoseki. It is the biggest festival of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Joseon Tongsinsa parade is reenacted during this festival. Busan Cultural Foundation has contributed to spread the historical value of Joseon Tongsinsa by doing the parade.

  • 서울 한일축제한마당

    Seoul KOREA-JAPAN Culture Festivalthe 1st weekof September

    Seoul KOREA-JAPAN Culture Festival is the biggest Korea-Japan cultural exchange festival in Korea. Busan Cultural Foundation try to advertise ‘善隣友好'-friendly relationship between neighboring nation- through running a booth at the festival.

  • 시즈오카

    Shizuokathe 2nd weekof October

    The procession of Joseon Tongsinsa is revived at Shizuoka which is located in the foot of Mount Fuji. In the land in which Seikenji that has been rated as the best temple by a lot of agencies of Joseon Tongsinsa is located, the spirit of the procession of Joseon Tongshisa makes many people who arrive at there delighted.

  • 카와고에 토진조로이마츠리

    Kawagoe Tojinjoroi Masturithe 2nd weekof November

    In Kawagoe, also known as the small Edo, where the atmosphere of the old Edo period is well preserved, Tojinjoroi Matsuri is held. In there, the procession of Joseon Tongshisa is reproduced. This will give a glimpse of the dignity of the Joseon Tongsinsa which arrive at their final destination, Edo, and meet Shogun.

JOSEON TONGSINSA HISTORY MUSEUMThe place of multimedia history education of JOSEON TONGSINSA

JOSEON TONGSINSA History Museum placed next to Yeonggadae in Bumil-dong, Jaseongdae Park, Dong-gu, Busan is the place that educating history of JOSEON TONGSINSA which dispatched to Japan 12 times after Imjin War. It provides an opportunity to communicate with history through various cultural contents and educational programs.

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  • Location99, Jaseong-ro, Dong-gu, Busan, JOSEON TONGSINSA History Museum
  • Facility1st floor: multimedia room, lounge and exhibiting space, office
    2nd floor: exhibiting space, lawn
  • Time09:00~18:00
  • ReservationTel : 051-631-0858
  • AdmissionFree
  • ClosedEvery Monday and January 1

    * If Monday is a holiday Closed on the first weekday of the next day
  • CautionFood/Pets

JOSEON TONGSINSA HISTORY MUSEUMIt provides an opportunity to communicate with history through various cultural contents and educational programs.

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